About Us

Eastern Balti is your one-stop-shop for all things vegetarian and meaty. With a selection that includes dumplings, bread such as naan or roti; curries (both chicken Tikkamasala style!), and tandoor oven-cooked you're sure to find something new every time! We also serve up tasty takeaways including delicious biryani rice dishes grilled over an open fire served with raisins inside.

Our Passion

We have a passion for food, which drives us to work day in and out. We love what we do because it allows our creativity to flow freely while bringing people together through great-tasting dishes from all over India!

Experience Our Food

This is a place where you can experience the best Indian cuisine. Try our delicious and lip-smacking dishes to find out for yourself what all this fuss has been about!


Eastern Balti is all about making your food experience unforgettable and we're not just talking about the food or service, but every element of what you see and do here.